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What do we expect the communications to achieve?

Rethinking/Reposition lodging for young, low-income and enthusiastic travelers. We want to motivate young consumers to shift. You will get a better experience and reassurance that it’s better to book with a Hotel than booking with Airbnb.

Whom do we need to influence and what’s the relevant insight about this target?

Deposition Bed and Breakfast lodging as the

 M/W Millennials (21-30), enthusiastic travelers, The median income is $25k, College Graduates , couples & same-sex couples. Visually motivated, Instagram & Pinterest users.

Why should they believe this?

One thing is comfort—better beds, nicer bathrooms. Really, at the end of the day, the hotel stay is about a night’s sleep and a good shower, and maybe some good food. So the rooms may be getting smaller—the living space—but the bathrooms are getting bigger.

People want to be pampered. It’s the wellness trend that's behind that. People are putting more effort into looking good, and feeling good, and you can do that in the bath by having a great shower, a bigger shower, even the tub—in a nicer hotel, there’s an emphasis on great tubs. 

Also, great lighting, spaces to work.


Instagram, Facebook posts/paid ad,

How will success be measured?

Increase in sales, social media engagement, and drive traffic to website.

What’s The Situation Triggering The Need For This Communication?

People are becoming more aware of Bed and Breakfast options. Sources like AirBnb are growing and gaining more popularity with young adults due to flexible pricing.

Why is This Situation Occurring?

Decrease in Market Share and Market Growth with young travel enthusiast.

What Do We Need to Accomplish With Our Communication?

De-position Bnbs, and position Comfort, Reassurance and a local experience that young adults want with Marriott Hotels.  

Basic Human Need(s) Does this Product or Service Satisfys

Comfort, Reassurance, Safety and Convenience.

What Kind of Decision is this?

High Thinking, High Feeling.

Who or What Are We Competing Against?

Choice of Price and Location.  Flexibility and Local (home away from home feel.  Larger spaces vesus smaller SPACES.

What Is The One Thought We Want Our Audience to Understand, Believe, and Remember?

You’re saving money but sacrificing_____.

What Tone Should Our Communication Take?

Informative, bold and sophisticated.